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Special event liability insurance is generally required by the venue / landlord to limit their liability exposure due to your event. Event insurance protects against any property damage or bodily injuries up to the policy limits.

A special event is usually defined as an event of short duration or an event that is not permanently ongoing. Such an event may last only one day, such as a concert, auto show or a class reunion and picnic, or an event may last a month or more such as a county fair or a Christmas tree sales lot. The defining factor is that a special event is not set in a permanent location and does not continue for an indefinite period of time such as a continuing operation or long term business. Event Insurance is specifically designed to provide event liability insurance protection for all types of special events.

There are hundreds of celebrations which are considered special events. These celebrations include events such as a carnival, concert, play, exhibition, fundraising dinner, vendor booth, convention or any other type of a function lasting for a short time, usually 30 days or less.

Another type of event which would qualify as a special event but would be held open for more than 10 days might be a Corn Maze or Pumpkin Patch open to the public. In addition, other types of special event insurance would include Event Cancellation and Weather Insurance for example. For Vendors we also offer an annual vendor policy.

We know you want your event to be memorable, and so do we.




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