Business Line Insurance 

Ultimate Insurance Garage Keepers  

Ultimate Insurance's transportation specialists are dedicated to securing the most comprehensive coverage for your garage risks. We have many in-house pens and brokerage access to
multiple markets to give you an advantage in today's Garage Liability marketplace.

Also called motor trade insurance, garage insurance is liability insurance for garage owners and car dealerships. Garage insurance protects businesses from claims involving customer's automobiles while on business premises.

The term garage here refers to any automobile dealers, repair garages, service stations, storage garages, parking lots, valet services, and delivery and towing operations. It applies to liabilities involving "garage buildings, contents, stock and equipment, and automobile liability."

But there are also a number of limitations for garage insurance.

• Garage insurance will not cover liabilities unless directly related to the garage or vehicles themselves. Other services may not be protected.

• Businesses purchasing garage insurance need to decide if they want auto dealer's liability coverage over customers while driving garage-owned vehicles.

• Large dealerships should be sure that they select the appropriate coverage limit so that their insurance plan covers storage at new lots.

We offer a wide variety of different plans with different features and benefits from all sorts of companies. We'll discuss them all and find out which one is right for you.

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