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We offer a wide variety of different plans with different features and benefits from all sorts of companies. We'll discuss them all and find out which one is right for you.

Factors that affect the cost of your auto insurance…some of which can be controlled…others are beyond your control:



Deductibles you select: Higher deductibles (the more up-front costs you absorb) means lower insurance rates

Type of car you drive: Cost to repair if involved in an accident or cost to replace if totalled.

Driving habits: Are you using your car in the course of daily business, to and from work? Short distance is less exposure on the road which inturn should mean less likely to file a claim whereas the longer the distance to and from work, the more exposure you have in an accident. Safe driving which includes accident free or ticket free.

Age/status: The younger you are the more likely you are to be in an accident and statistics prove this. Adult rating most often begins when the driver is 25 yrs old. Most, if not all companies barring any other factors have a trickle down effect until you are old enough to receive the adult rating. Marital status plays a role. There is evidence to suggest that married people have less accidents than those that are single.




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