Personal Line Insurance

Ultimate Insurance Boat & Watercraft Insurance  

 When you’re out on the water, your boat insurance should be the last thing on your mind.
There are many types of policies available for boats. There are coverages available for personal effects. Personal effects are personal property that is specifically tied to the boat. Coolers, oars, life jackets/preservers, water-skis, ropes, inner-tubes, etc.
Coverage is also available for special electronics like fish-finders, depth finders, radios, etc.

Options also can include water-skiers medical and uninsured boaters protection.

Credits are available if you have taken navigation courses, have a depth finder or if there is a built in fire extinguishing system.

With Watercraft Liability Coverage, we will pay damages for bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally liable through ownership, maintenance, or use of your boat (including while partaking in water sport activities)

Save even more on watercraft insurance when you take an approved water safety course or sign up for multiple policies.


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