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Having health insurance is important because coverage helps people get timely medical care and improves their lives and health. Some may believe that people always have access to medical care because they can always go to an emergency room. But even areas with well supported safety-net care do not remove barriers to access to the same extent as does having health insurance. Lack of coverage was associated with about 18,000 extra deaths per year among uninsured adults.

Selecting the best health insurance plan for your needs means making an informed choice and knowing your personal priorities. Is budget most important? Which benefits do you really need? Consider the following questions.

Choose a Plan
You may need some help narrowing down your choices. Consider the following criteria to help you focus on the plans that best match your needs:
1. Health benefits: Which plans provide the must-have benefits you've identified?
Buy only what is important to you to keep your costs low.
2. Costs: Which plans fall within your budget when it comes to premium, deductible, copayments, and coinsurance?
Consider a high-deductible plan if your primary requirement is a low monthly premium.
3. Physician network: Do you have a doctor you want to keep? Which plans does he or she accept?
4. Brand: Are there brand-name carriers that you prefer?
Are there any you want to avoid?
Our knowledge and reputation will quickly assist you in placing the broadest and
most cost-effective coverage for you.



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